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About A-Team:

Professional repair, upgrades, networks, security and consulting.

My rates are 35% lower than other computer shops in the area. 

I specialize in going to your home or business where most problems are resolved. 

On-site service makes more sense than customer drop-offs, Most issues involve networks ant other devices.

Extensive repairs, upgrades and new system setup is done at my shop.

Professional Customer Service

"Quality service is much more than computer technology support. If you don't make a personal connection which shows you sincerely care, your time is wasted", Gary S. Allred, Owner.



Save time and money!

I can connect to your computer (with your permission) through a secure portal.  Many problems can be resolved and training provided via remote support.

Computer tune-ups only $75.00!

(Compare to other shops charging $125.)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I go the extra mile to help you enjoy technology, experience its many benefits and keep your information secure.

Relationships and integrity are more valuable than money!

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A-Team Computer Services

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